Sepand Awaran Kala Company Introduction

Sepand Awaran Kala Company has been established in 2001 and since then, has been active in food packaging industry first by providing vaccum films a bags for meat and dairy industry and since 5 years ago, also by producing trays and dishes for food packaging using PVC, PS, PET, PET+PE, PVC+PE films for packaging of frozen foods, veady made foods, pickles, eggs, nuts, dates and so on

.These trays are convenient for seal vaccum or tray sealer machines and also strech films packed, depends on the shelf life of product inside

We can also design and made special trays for your tools or any object you want to pack with these films, like soups, make up products and so on.

.If you have special kind of mould, we will design and made it for producing your trays

Address : Molla Sadra Ave. Shiraz Shomali st. Cross Nargess Valley-Papeli Building- No 704, Tehran – Iran

(Tel No : +(98)(21)(22253305



(Telefax No : +(98)(21)(88064801

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